My NECO Result Checker 2019 : Check NECO Result online!

Hurrayyy, NECO result is out. The National Examinations Council, NECO result checker is out! Candidates that participated in the SSCE internal examination can now use you scratchcard to check my NECO result checker online.

This is to inform all the candidates that participated in the National Examinations Council (NECO) June/July Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE), that their results have been released.

my neco result checker online

My NECO result checker online

The NECO June/July examination is the examination taken by candidates in their last stage of Secondary School Education.

Candidates are advised to get the National Examinations Council (NECO) result checker card which goes for N300 (three hundred naira only) to access their results. You may however pay above the official rate of N300 (three hundred naira only) if you are getting it outside NECO offices.

After getting the result checker which contains the PIN Number you need to check your result, you can then follow the six (6) simple steps below to access your NECO Result.

Check Your NECO Result

  1. Go to NECO result checking portal at
  2. Select year Examination Type (i.e. June.July).
  3. Select year of examination (i.e 2017).
  4. Enter your card PIN number (the PIN on the NECO Result Card).
  5. Enter your Examination Number
  6. Finally, click on “Check My Result” button to finally see your result.

If you follow the simple steps outlined above, by now you should be seeing your grades in each subject.

Note: The NECO result Checker has a limited number of use. To avoid subsequent usage, just send your result to your email.

My NECO Result Checker Procedures.

Throughout the years, you’ll be surprised that the same procedures your great grandparents used in checking their NECO results is the same process you’ll have to pass through, nothing has changed that’s the good news meaning you’ll do it the same way they did theirs, no additional stress.

This year is not expected to be any different so chill, we have set the steps to follow in checking your NECO results below. We can even help you check your results. Just keep reading.


NECO Scratch Cards will be available in all NECO offices and other retail outlets.

Then, to check your result the five (5) simple steps below can be of great help. You can also email or print your result

How To Check my NECO Result

  • Select year Examination Type
  • Select year of examination
  • Enter your card PIN number
  • Enter your Examination Number
  • Click on “Check My Result” button

Enter your details in the boxes provided on NECO website – With correct details, your result will be displayed. If your details are not displayed, then recheck to be sure you haven’t made a mistake.

My NECO Result Checker

  • Type: Select from the drop down menu: (June/July, Nov/Dec, JSCE, NCEE)
  • Exam Year: Select the year of examination: (2000 – 2017)
  • Pin No: Enter the pin from the NECO scratch card purchased from any NECO office
  • Exam No: Enter your examination number which includes exam center and seat number
  • Click on Check My Result.

How to Print My NECO Result

You can now print out your result by clicking on the Print Icon on the NECO website page or use your keyboard by pressing Ctrl+P.

Select your printer connected to your computer and click OK. (Your result will be printed).

After checking your result, don’t forget to share it with others via the comment section below.

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