IJMB School Fees – Form, Hostel, Tuition & Text Book Fees

IJMB School Fees – Form, Hostel, Tuition & Text Book Fees. This is a likely IJMB school tuition fee, this will give you an idea of what to expect.IJMB Logo

IJMB School Fees

  • IJMB School fee is #110,000
  • IJMB Form Fee is #8000.
  • Hostel Fee is #35,000
  • Text books and other materials #15,000

Making a total of #168,000. Till you write your final examination bey February

IJMB Hostel Fee

The hostel fee for each student is #35,000 and close to the lecturing of all our various centres

IJMB Materials Cost

For any department, the textbooks, the lab. coat and other materials all cost #15,000

IJMB Installment Payment

If you are the type that want to pay installment, we have got you covered.. Here is the way you can pay bit by bit. But the dates are very important, because we won’t allow any default. For the program to run well, the lectures and the running of the administrative responsibilities.

Installment payment goes like this

You can only pay the IJMB fees twice

The minimum you can start with to be able to start lectures with other students is #70,000. Which covers your school fees, hostel fee and your textbooks with other materials.

The remaining 80,000 can be paid two times with arrangement between your parents and the coordinators at our various IJMB centres in Nigeria

So everything you will be paying for IJMB programme is #168,000 according to the explanations above in Ilorin centre.

Those are the dates you MUST have completed all the payments and no fee is refundable as long as no mistake is from us.

Do take note, that there will not be any other payment of any sort until your examination time.

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