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IJMB ResultGet your IJMB Examination Result Online – IJMB also known as Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination Result is the same thing as IJMB certificate.IJMB Logo

This post is help you know about the IJMB result and how to check it, when IJMB result is released and the usage of the IJMB Certificate/result.

IJMB Result Facts

  1. Jamb Direct entry form can’t close until IJMB results is released.(Seems different this year)
  2. The IJMB result is valid for seven years. And you can apply into many schools with it.
  3. IJMB result can not be checked online unlike JUPEB result
  4. Once you have your result,
  5. Do not pay anyone for IJMB result online.
  6. IJMB result is issued by Ahmadu Bello University to partnering IJMB universities, Polytechnics & Colleges.
  7. The  IJMB result is available only at the various IJMB centers in Nigeria.
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IJMB Result Cost?

As far as we know, IJMB result is not free in most IJMBE centers in the country and the charges varies from center to other.
We gathered that some center issue IJMBE result to their students for free (This bill has been added to their tuition and others), some center charge as low as N5,000 while some charge about N15,000, it is good to let you know some students claimed they paid about N25,000 to get their IJMBE results, so we won’t be able to conclude on how much it cost.
Just contact you IJMBE center director to get this information.

IJMB Result Scratch card?

There is simply no such provision. IJMB result can not be checked online via recharge card or any module.

Some students do call us to ask if IJMBE result is available online, please do not be disappointed, IJMBE result is not available online as at the time of writing this report.
Do not pay anyone to get IJMB result online lest you get scammed!
The 2018 IJMB result would be made available only at the various IJMB centers in Nigeria.

IJMB Result Payment?

The answer to this depends on your IJMB institution. Some IJMB partners do not charge a toke while other charge from N5,000 +.

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