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IJMB Frequently Asked QuestionsIJMB FAQSIJMB is an acronym of Interim Joint Matriculation Board, It is an Approved, Proven & Certified Advanced level programme moderated by Ahmadu Bello University and having coordinating body in various tertiary institutions and different study centres nationwide.


The programme at the initial stage was designed to provide an opportunity for candidates who cannot gain admission to regular degree programmes in Northern Universities due to different reasons. The entry qualification into IJMB is purely Ordinary Level result (O’level) also, candidates awaiting result can also apply.

  • IJMB is Approved: By the Federal Government has a platform for securing admission into higher institution in the country and abroad.
  • IJMB is Guaranteed: Yearly, about 20,000 applicants put in for the programme in which more than 70% fraction successfully secure admission with it into 200 level to their preferred institution & course.
  • IJMB is Certified: By Nigeria University Commission (NUC) has an Advanced level examination that qualify students into 200level via Direct Entry.

HOW IT WORKS: Prospective candidates are required to select any THREE (3) A/L IJMB Subject Combination identified with their preferred course of study in the university be it Science, Art or Social Science Course.

Candidates would then be lectured for the stipulated period at their respective Study Centre and thereafter sit for the final examination. On completion of the programme, successful candidates accordingly utilize their IJMB certificate to secure admission into 200level in any Nigeria tertiary institution via Direct Entry.

LEGIBILITY: IJMB certificate is presently recognised and accepted in more than 80% of Nigeria federal, state and private Universities. Thus, prospective candidates can check (item 2.2) of JAMB BROCHURE to confirm its legibility.

IJMB PROGRAMME DURATION: The  programme runs for a maximum period of one academic session(9-10month) divided in two(2) semesters. Academic activities in all our IJMB centres begins every March and ends January. The examination is conducted every February.

PROGRAMME ELIGIBILITY: The programme is open to all interested candidates nationwide and any course can be offered be it Science, Art or Social Science.



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IJMB Requirements

IJMB requirements and primary entry qualification is your ordinary level result. Before anyone can apply for IJMB, such must have completed his/her secondary school education. However, candidate awaiting ordinary level result can also apply for the IJMB programme. Candidates who is rounding up secondary school can also apply for the programme.

Who Can Attend IJMB Programme?

IJMB can be attended by any interested and qualified candidates. By qualification, candidates must meet-up the basic requirements as stated HERE

How To Make Use Of Your IJMB Result

To use your IJMB result to gain admission into 200 Level, you need to visit JAMB website or their nearest office to obtain D.E form (Direct Entry), fill them in correlation with your IJMB result, by then you have the opportunity to choose first and second choice university.

IJMB result does not expire, thus candidate can use their result anytime needed.

IJMB Syllabus To Help Students To Study Ahead (PDF)

When you do not make mistake with your registration, IJMB Syllabus is added as a PDF to the information that will be sent to you. Candidates are meant to download this IJMB syllabus in this file to start studying and to know what is expected from them at the end of the lectures.

IJMB Academic Calendar

IJMB calendar starts by November every year and it ends by April for the registration of the following year. By March, while the registration is still going on, the lectures for the session will start, which is usually within the mid of March and early April. The lectures will run through to December from that March/ April. For January the revision for the session will start. IJMB examination can start from late January or early February, and the examination last for three weeks. By late April the same year the result will be released.

You can register at our various IJMB centres in Nigeria, We have IJMB centres in different states in Nigeria. Candidates are advised to register on-time into their desired centres before each centre admission quota is exhausted.

Nigerian Universities Requirement For IJMB Admission

We have told you the requirement you must meet before student can apply for IJMB, we will quickly tell each requirement you must meet to study the course of your choice in the university you wish to do your undergraduate programme after being through with IJMB.

IJMB Official Website

COLLEGIVE is the official IJMB registration website of The institution, Brainfill Academy. The board, IJMB as at the time of writing this does not have any official IJMB website. We thus advice candidates to be careful for anybody claiming to be IJMB official website as most are fraudsters and imposters. Candidates should register directly with us or at any of our IJMB centres closer to them.

Is IJMB Real and Certified?

Yes, IJMB is no news again to various Nigerian universities, as it serve as a means of securing university admission into 200level, The programme is certified by NUC(Nigeria University Commission) CHECK PAGE 4 OF JAMB BROCHURE, ITEM 2.2(2) TO CONFIRM IJMB AS A REQUIREMENT FOR UNIVERSITY EDUCATION ALSO CONFIRM IN PAGE 2(ENTRY BY DIRECT APPLICATION(DE) SECTION 1.0.05).

Does IJMB Have an Official Website?

No, any websites who claims to be IJMB official website is only engaging in fraudulent activities, so be warned!we (Learn More Nigeria) serve as a legal entity partnering with various Accredited IJMB Study centres nationwide, with the sole aim of registering interested IJMB Candidate to various IJMB Centre that is closer to their location, that’s the fair advantage we have over others.

Many websites when I search for IJMB online, why is it so?

Please note that IJMB a board from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria who owns and moderate IJMBE. however the ABU Zaria wants the operation of it’s programme nationwide as well as it’s acceptability thereby giving rise to variety of centres nationwide. Some of this sole centres may own a website and majority of this websites you see online are located in Ilorin, Kwara.

However not all this centres are accredited or affiliated to an accredited centre. For this reason we always advise prospective applicants to register with us so as to avoid as we only partner with geniune IJMB study centres within and closer to your locations with other benefits.

Why do I recieve SMS with different account details for IJMB registration?

This is due to varieties of numbers pick up from search engines while searching for IJMB. This is why we also advice applicants to always bookmark our website to avoid the use of search engine with diverse, fake and fraudulent information.

You are also warned never to pay any amount into any personal account eg having names like Mr Jude Abasi or having an IJMB inscription in it’s name like IJMB Registration….., IJMB examination….IJMB this and that…… (without been an institution).

But pay into account details that bear names of the organisation it is representing like (our body is Learn More Nigeria and our account details is Learn More Nigeria as well). This is the accronym IJMB and IJMBE is an official trademark of ABU Zaria. Therefore such person(s) or organisation(s) does not represent a body and if found using such account details such as IJMB(……..) is an imposter with the purpose of vitimizing aspiring applicant.

Please be wise and always ask them what body they represent i.e (what is the name of your organisation since you are not ABU Zaria, IJMB cannot be your name. what body do you represent?.) always question them.

How do i know genuine IJMB study centres or website?

COLLEGIVE core value is transparency, flexibity and integrity, this is why we have been the No 1 IJMB educational platform on every search and media platform, this is because our mode of operation is diverse and we remain the best at meeting criteria of applicants considering their location and every other admisison benefits,for this reason; we only partner with genuine affiliated study centers nationwide. Thus, prospective aspirants are advised to register with us online to any of these our partnering study centres nationwide.

I was told Ilorin is the only IJMB accredited Centre, How true is this?

There is no iota of truth in this. We personally refer to this people as the Ilorin Water Loo. What this people do is to find a way to lure prospective applicants down to kwara and the solely operate there.

The truth is majority of them are not even accredited and there are IJMB accredited centres operating at different states and cities nationwide. IJMB can be done within your convinient location. register into your desired study centre nationwide by clicking on the begin registration.

What is the duration of the Programme?

The programme lasts for a duration of NINE[9] MONTHS divided into two[2] semesters.

I want to Attend University in a particular State, does it mean I have study for IJMB in that particular state?

No you don’t have to, Please note that IJMB can be done at any state of your choice and can be used for admission into any university of your choice.

Are there limitation to the course i can study with IJMBE result/certificate?

NO, IJMBE result qualifies students to study any of their desired courses in the university be it Science, Social science or Art courses.

Does IJMB Result Expires?

No, IJMB Result and Certificate is valid for life and can be re-used overtime.

I have registered for UTME, Can I still apply for IJMB?

Yes because it gives the said applicant mutiple choice of admission

How much is the Tuition and Is Installmental Payment Allowed?

The Tuition fee depends on candidates course of study and centre of choice but at a maximum amount of #70,000, However Installmental payment is allowed with 50% payment at first, The school fees will be paid at respective candidates chosen IJMB study centres when they resume for the programme.

How difficult Is IJMB Examination?

IJMB is more like your WAEC, NECO, GCE because it is an external exams in an advanced form, Our aim is for all interested candidate to pass in flying colours, to this effect all our Study centre facilities avails the students to better learning.

Can I Apply with a deficiency in my O’level?

Yes, as candidate have the opportunity of writing any subject deficiency during their IJMB programme without necessarily writing another WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB. Also awaiting result applicant can apply.

How Can I register for IJMB?

Registration for IJMB is online on this website (www.ijmbe.org.ng), with an application fee of #8,500 which is to be paid using your ATM Card (online payment) or Paying to the Bank (Direct Bank Deposit) to the.

What Are The Neccessary Details Needed on My ATM Card for Online Payment?

Card Number ——– A 16 digits number at the back of your card
Card Expiry date —— Date the Card you want to use to pay will expire,just the month and year are required,check at the back of the Card.
Cvv or Cvv2 —– This is a 3 digit number written at the back of your ATM card
Card Pin ——- This is the 4 digits password for the Card.

Where are your study centres located?

Kindly be informed that all our study centres are located in the states capital nationwide, Thus, the specific name and address of the study centres would be known during candidates online registration, owing to the fact that candidates are expected to choose a centre of his/her choice based on the centres that are still available (i.e not yet filled up) at the time of their registration. Therefore, it is advisable for prospective candidates to register in time, in other to meet up with their desired study centre. Thereafter the online registration, the name and address of the candidates chosen study centres will be on candidates registration printout, Hence candidates are expected to proceed to his/her chosen study centre for clearance and resumption.

Does It Mean If I Do Not Get Admission With IJMB After Running The Program Is A Waste?

No, IJMB is an impact you will forever felt in all through your lifetime. Because when you go through it, most things you will be thought in your year one and two will mostly be like a revision to you. If later you don’t get admission with it, is never being a waste. But, the possibility of you being admitted through IJMB in Nigeria institutions is very much higher than using JAMB.

What Difference does Registering with www.ijmbe.org.ng makes, Why not others?

Registering with learn more nigeria gives candidate an opportunity to choose from our list of various Accredited IJMB Study centre nationwide which is closer to candidate location, among other benefits like Automatic Admission without Screening, Serene learning environment, Priveledge to pay tuition fee installmentally, Conducive Learning Condition, Hostel Accomodation etc.

What Is The Possibility Of Gaining Admission With IJMB?

Very few students knows about IJMB, Every year ABU Zaria registered less than 20,000 IJMB students comparing to JAMB that over 1.5 million students sat for it annually. Over 80% of Nigeria universities accept IJMB certificate.

Are There People Defrauding Candidate with IJMB and how do I report an IJMB fraud?

Note that many educational institute/Individuals claim to be registering student for IJMB, some of these centres are not accredited,so be wise and don’t fall into their scam.

Who Issues My IJMB Result/Certificate?

The IJMB Certificate is issued by the moderating body, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

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